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There's a quote often attributed to Ford Motor Company's founder, Henry Ford, that reads, "Why is it when I ask for a pair of hands, the whole person comes attached?" Can you imagine it? A lone pair of hands, working, sans body, assembling your Ford F-150? I'd rather not. Things like eyes and a brain would seem like a necessity in this scenario, don't you think? But why would Ford, consider such a notion? And decades later, why does this remain a popular quote, especially in business?

Well, Henry Ford is not unlike my business owners. His focus was on his product and more specifically, how to get that product produced. Hence, why he only needed the "hands" to do the work. But as we know, with the hands come the body, and the whole person, who undoubtedly brings their personality, their experiences, and their challenges to the assembly line or in this case to your company. As employers, whether you have 1 employee or 1001, you have to be prepared to deal with the person that comes attached to the hands, who produces your product, interacts with your customers, and impacts your brand and your bottom line daily.

If you have employees, you may not have an HR department but more than likely you do have HR issues. Whether you are hiring or firing, training a new employee, or dealing with an attendance issue, as a small business owner you are often times the "go-to" for all your people matters. But who has time to wear yet another hat? Here are five (5) strategies you can employee to become more HR savvy.

  • Understand the legal and statutory regulations that impact you as an employer. What must you do to ensure compliance? What reports must you file? What laws must you follow?

  • Document and communicate your expectations and standards. Your employees must understand the rules of your company, which means that you must first identify those parameters then document and communicate them to employees.

  • Memorialize your Company's processes to ensure consistency. The employees you have today most likely will not be the ones you have in the next five years. Don't let the quality of your products or services change each time your employees do.

  • Embrace the whole person and not just the hands. Engage in dialogue with your employees so that you build a relationship based on respect and value. Your employees can work anywhere, but they chose to work with you.

  • Sharpen your saw. Managing the people aspects of your business is a daily necessity and employee matters can impact your business before you sell one product or open the door to customers. Build your knowledge so that you are prepared.

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