Is Compliance King in Your Business?

As we get set for the holiday season and think about starting a new year, most of us tend to make one, two, or 50 New Year's resolutions in hopes of getting to our best self. But what about your business? What are your 2017 resolutions to take your company and your employees to the next level? What is your business' best self?

Regardless of the size of your business, the customers you service, or the industry in which you operate, compliance is key and compliance is king. Businesses operating in the United States and its territories are confronted with myriad federal regulations which determine and oftentimes dictate how your business operates. Some of these regulations include paying the minimum wage, prohibiting discrimination in employment, and ensuring workplace safety. Most employers (we hope), are in compliance; however, following the "law" is not restricted to those that are federally mandated. Compliance also includes those procedural elements that accompany the execution and administration of the law.

Here are four (4) compliance points for employers in the US Virgin Islands:

  • Posting all positions with the Virgin Islands Department of Labor. All employers must post vacant positions with the Virgin Islands Department of Labor (VIDOL). Positions are posted through the VIDOL's online system, VIDOL VIEWS.

  • Submitting a New Hire Registry report for all hires. Local law requires all employers to report all newly hired or rehired employees within twenty (20) days of the date of hire. New hire reporting is done through the VIrgin Islands Department of Labor.

  • Reporting workplace accidents. Employers in the US Virgin Islands are required by law to file a First Report of Accident with the Virgin Islands Department of Labor Workers Compensation Administration within eight (8) days of notification of the accident and injury. Any employer who fails to file, refuses to sign, or neglects to make a report shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to the $2000.00 maximum.

  • Having a sexual harassment policy and delivering training to employees. All employers must adopt a policy against sexual harassment and provide all employees with a written copy of the policy. Employers with five (5) or more employees shall deliver training on the sexual harassment policy to new employees and new supervisors.

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